After puberty I found my true running legs. In fact, I was now fast enough that I could actually start training with my dad. After work and after school we would head out to some local trails and run a couple of miles together. these were some of my favorite memories as a kid. Just my dad and I out on the trails logging some miles.

One fall my dad asked me if I wanted to enter a road race and we could run it together. We settled on a 5k road race to enter together. The race was going to have thousands of entries and was easily going to be the largest race I had ever entered. The training began and we worked so hard over the next couple of months to be in the best shape possible. On race day we ate our banana and headed to the starting line ready to test ourselves against the course and against the other competitors.

One of the reasons my dad loved running was he could always test himself. Whether it was a personal record, a new distance, and new race, something where he could push himself to strive for growth. The gun was off and we sprinted out of the crowd. We ran 3.1 miles together breathing heavy the whole way, i wanted to push myself the best i could to make my dad proud.

I ended up surprising him, and surprising myself a little bit as well. We ran faster than we had ever ran the 3 miles in training. There was something about all the other runners that helped push me to run faster that i even thought possible.

I ram that race in a pair of new balance shoes and since then I have always referred new balance shoes over any other racing shoe.